The Squeakies - The Movie!

Bringing Back Clean Comedy! 'The Squeakies - The Movie' is the world's first 5D Multiscope presentation as endorsed by Sir Timothy Ackroyd!


Marvellous filming using new 5D multiscope kit at the Jermyn Street Theatre with our celebrity host in front of a live audienc, and on location across London. Huge thanks to all concerned! Thanks for your patience with the technology - you know what I mean if you were there!

5D Glasses

Which comedians are in The Squeakies?

OK - we're bound to lead off with Kenny Campbell of as the very first comedian to put himself forward for consideration. No sooner had he waved his magic wand over his hallowed bytes, than the floodgates opened. Here are the wonderful comedians who you'll see in the movie:

  1. Tom Appleton
  2. John Pendal
  3. Bianca Arlette
  4. Jake Tindle
  5. Chris Carleton
  6. Amy Hoggart
  7. Victoria Barrett
  8. Les Blair
  9. George Cassavetti
  10. Pete Jee
  11. Kate Smurthwaite
  12. Rhys Williams
  13. Adrian 'Geordie' Hull
  14. Tobias Persson
  15. David Mulholland
  16. Nick the Cabbie
  17. Ian Baker


What a team! Great shoot with a great crew!

We are extremely grateful to, and appreciative of, the efforts of Kenny Campbell of, the marvellous comic and teacher, Kate Smurthwaite, and the fabulously supportive Hils Jago of on our behalf. We love you guys!

Clean Comedy Acts - The Squeakies!

Clean comedy fun for the family - supported by leading celebrity press agency London At Large Limited and The Jermyn Street Theatre